Politics of Number part 2

The YouTube talk below, from 2012, discusses how numbers are more significant in understanding past and present societies, through the medium of a museum reproduction I made of an object to be seen in the Heraklion Museum. It records a Saturnian calendar that must have existed in the matriarchal societies of the Minoans in Crete and might be a sort of tyranny of time which Zeus-Jupiter (son of Cronos i.e. Saturn) deposed, relegating his father to a golden cave on a smaller island.

This story of Hesiod’s Theogony exactly pollows the harmonic truth that Saturn has a synodic period 16/15 (a semitone) of the lunar year whilst Jupiter’s synod is 9/8 (a whole tone) relative to the lunar year – to very high accuracy. The politics in this is the advent of Indo-Europeans from the North whose patriarchal social structures largely displaced matriarchal structures of the eastern Mediterranean.

Whilst ancient cultures were rooted in stories where numbers were structural rather than merely descriptive, connected to the sky and time as a spiritual superstructure for life on earth, the recent material culture has lost touch with this meaning given to time and numbers as archetypal.

Precessional Time and the Evolution of Consciousness

Below is a YouTube presentation associated with this book, made after its publication in 2012. It is part of a series of films made with Anthony Blake over a weekend, in preparation for a seminar in the United States later that year – called The Politics of Number.

I was employing an octave model for the precessional cycle of about 25,920 years which appears to have been understood in prehistory and seeped into the mythic record in many interesting ways as presented in the ground-breaking book, Hamlet’s Mill. By Classical times, Plato refers to the Great Year and the classic number for this of 25,920 is a canonical number probably assumed due to Pythagorean ideas about the primacy of the factors 2, 3 and 5 found to pre-determine ancient musical tuning theory, the subject of my fifth book: Harmonic Origins of the World.

Precessional Time saw my early attempt to give the early number sciences a developmental history up to the point where they emerged in the ancient world having measured the size of the Earth. This was the story of the fourth book, Sacred Number and the Lords of Time. The manuscript of the 6th book, Angelic Transmission through Sacred Number, now submitted, turns to the spiritual context for this developmental history, having been necessary for the development of the modern mind.

Raising the Titanic

This is an extension of the mythic story of Aphrodite and Hephaistos which left out of Matrix of Creation. Its matrix of time has not been found wanting and may still be what the myth writers had in mind for what is otherwise a most extraordinary story. The pictures need re-mastering and can only just be read in some cases.

Richard Heath

Equating Saturn with mythological Kronos-Cronos can hide the subtler reality that Saturn and Venus represent as residual elements of an earlier solar system. The genitals of Ouranos can be re-interpreted as follows. He is the “overhanging one” which points directly to the galaxy that passes close the north and south poles. Saturn performs a scooping motion in the sky, every synodic period and passing over the galaxy twice in a 29 year period of 28 synods.

The loops of Saturn are represented by the sickle, His ubiquitous symbolic companion, and the genitals are “thrown into the sea”, opposite the cutting action, to become the Sun as the generative power of the stellar world. The foam that this generates gives birth to Venus Aphrodite “born out of foam”, who expresses a synodic Fibonacci relation of 8/5 (and a sidereal 8/13) with respect to the practical year on Earth. The shell on which She is represented is the original cutting tool.

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A Lecture introducing Sacred Number and the Lords of Time

… given as the John Michell Memorial Lecture for
at Megalithomania 2015 in Glastonbury

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