Book: Sacred Number and the Lords of Time

Published in 2014… An introduction to how megalithic astronomers did their work, from an apparent starting point near Carnac.

At the Manio Quadrilateral, there is evidence of days having been counted using inches, taking advantage also of the strange virtues of that latitude for horizon astronomy, which are:

  1. The solar extremes on the horizon, in midsummer and midwinter, follow the hypotenuse of a 3-4-5 triangle’s 5-side relative to east-west.
  2. The Moon’s maximum and minimum extreme standstills on the horizon, similarly followed the diagonals of a single square and double square relative to east-west.
  3. Other multiple squares could perform other functions including giving the relative proportions of the time-cycles, being counted using day-inch counting.

Carnac therefore makes it possible to see the British megalithic in a new light, as also the religions and the exact sciences of our more recent history, which most rationally inherited parts of these, such as our units of measure and planetary gods. The megalithic culture is instead undervalued as primitive in their beliefs and practices.

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