• Musing Mystical Review: Language of the Angels
    I came across a very good review of my book Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels in which the reviewer found the experience of reading over a month. She also told me how I might improve my handling of numbers. Many thanks for that since I will soon be entering the production phase of a further book out late 23, early 24. Reading … Read more
  • The Approximation of π on Earth
    π is a transcendental ratio existing between a diameter/ radius and circumference of a circle. A circle is an expression of eternity in that the circumference, if travelled upon, repeats eternally. The earths shape would be circular if the planet did not spin. Only the equator is now circular and enlarged, whilst the north and south poles have a shrunken radius and, in … Read more
  • Book: Matrix of Creation
    Sacred numbers arose from ancient man’s observation of the heavens, and represent the secrets of cosmic proportion and alignment. The ancients understood that the ripeness of the natural world is the perfection of ratio and that the planetary system–and time itself–is a creation of number. We have forgotten what our ancestors once knew: that numbers and their properties create the forms of the … Read more
  • Introduction to my book Harmonic Origins of the World
    Over the last seven thousand years, hunter-gathering humans have been transformed into the “modern” norms of citizens (city dwellers) through a series of metamorphoses during which the intellect developed ever-larger descriptions of the world. Past civilizations and even some tribal groups have left wonders in their wake, a result of uncanny skills – mental and physical – which, being hard to repeat today, … Read more
  • Sacred Number and the Lords of Time
    Back Cover ANCIENT MYSTERIES “Heath has done a superb job of collating his own work on the subject of megaliths with the objective views of many other researchers in the field. I therefore do not merely recommend reading this book but can state unequivocally it is a must read.”–John Neal, British metrologist and researcher and author of Measuring the Megaliths and The Structure of Metrology “In Sacred … Read more