• Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization
    Published by Inner Traditions Back Cover ANCIENT MYSTERIES / NEW SCIENCE “Richard Heath sweeps away the mechanistic and relativistic paradigm to reveal an earth-centered, celestial system founded upon the beauty of musical harmony and geometric symmetry.”–Robert Lawlor, author of Sacred Geometry and Voices of the First Day “Richard Heath effectively rewrites the book on the mysterious but accomplished megalithic cultures preceding ancient Egypt, Sumer, China, and … Continue reading “Sacred Number and the Origins of Civilization”
  • Sacred Number and the Lords of Time
    Back Cover ANCIENT MYSTERIES “Heath has done a superb job of collating his own work on the subject of megaliths with the objective views of many other researchers in the field. I therefore do not merely recommend reading this book but can state unequivocally it is a must read.”–John Neal, British metrologist and researcher and author of Measuring the Megaliths and The Structure of Metrology “In Sacred … Continue reading “Sacred Number and the Lords of Time”
  • The Harmonic Origins of the World
    “We have long known, thanks to Ernest McClain, that the ancients were obsessed with harmonic numbers and that the Bible encodes these from beginning to end. Now new evidence appears, as these numbers correlate with the planetary periods, and their discovery is pushed far back into the prehistoric era. Richard Heath’s work, based not on speculation but on objective data, challenges all accepted … Continue reading “The Harmonic Origins of the World”
  • Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels
    Examining the angelic science of number, Richard Heath reveals how the development of human consciousness was no accident. The beauty and elegance we see in sacred geometry and in structures built according to those proportions are the language of the angels still speaking to us. Publisher Pages Description Reveals how the number science found in ancient sacred monuments reflects wisdom transmitted from the … Continue reading “Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels”