Sacred Geometry in Ancient Goddess Cultures (Feb-2024)

My new book can be pre-ordered from the publisher and other retailers.

In February next year a new book (by me) will be released, as can be seen at the publisher website. The book will soon to be ready for laying it out for both printing and review (at, I’ll let you know).

figure: the punctuation of towers and western outlook. Possibly a funerial building for the king, it could be used as a living observatory and complex counting platform for studying the time periods of the sun, the moon, and even the planetary synods.

Some new material has recently been added, including chapters on the design of Angkor Wat (chapter 9) and St Peter’s basilica in Rome (chapter 10), and some early articles are visible on this site, through the links. As you can see, my books partly emerge from work presented on this website. This is important sol the subject can become something doable today since, at its heart. Though my results should not rely on modern techniques, I have to avail myself of modern techniques to work out what the ancient techniques must, instead, have been: for the ancients to have learned from the pattern of time in the sky, especially on the Horizon, but also of planetary motions amongst the stars.

above: The square can be extended from the circle, center O and diameter D-D’ to make a golden rectangle extension A’->B->C->D’ as well as A->B’->D’->C .

The new book has been hard to research and write, but now has become a fitting sequel to Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels, pushing further back in time to question why there were numerate traditions prior to the ancient near east, and who was involved, as seen at Gobekli Tepe which closely followed the end of the last ice age. It is only when concrete numbers are visible in the design of a site, that the lack of historical evidence can be somewhat overcome.

My new book can be pre-ordered from the publisher and other retailers.

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