Sacred Number Sciences

Counting the time between sky events naturally generates the numbers considered sacred within ancient texts and monuments. In prehistory an ancient astronomy of time revealed this numerical structure, these now re-explored in my books and articles. As J.G. Bennett put it, “The task of natural science is to deal with fact, and it is entitled to set aside questions of value; but this does not justify the denial that such questions are significant.” One such question is “who or what created time, as sacred numbers upon the Earth?”

  • Is Sacred Geometry A Message From God?
    Just after Summer Solstice, Michael Quu and I recorded a conversation for his “Learn Something New” podcast and this is available, as below.
  • The Modularity of Seven
    Sacred Geometry is metrical, it is based upon the interactive properties of “natural” (that is, whole) numbers and cosmic constants.
  • The Martian Moon Resonance
    As with the other outer planets, Mars has a resonant relationship with the Lunar Year. UPDATED.
  • The Cellular World of Twelve
    The foot has twelve inches just as the British shilling had twelve pence. A good case can be made for twelve as a base like 10, since there are 12 months within the year and many ancient monuments can be seen to have employed duodecimal alongside decimal number, to good effect.
  • Eleven Questions on Sacred Numbers
    In 2011, Sacred Number and the Origins of the Universe was nicely re-published in Portuguese by Publisher Pensamento in Brazil. Their press agent contacted … Continue reading “Sacred Number Sciences”
  • Interview with Jim Harold
    This is one hour interview around my new book on Ancient Goddess Cultures use of sacred geometry and other skills the ancients had, which our present culture dutifully ignore. below: Interviewer Jim Harold at Stonehenge vis Facebook.
  • Metrology of a Bronze Age Dodecahedron
    The Norton Disney Archaeology Group found an example of a “Gallo Roman Dodecahedron”. One of archaeology’s great enigmas, there are now about 33 known examples in what was Roman occupied Britain.
  • Reviews: New Dawn and Midwest Book Review
    The May-June edition of New Dawn has this review from Alan Glassman of Sacred Geometry in Ancient Goddess Cultures.
  • Cubes: The Ancient Division of the Whole
    Volume as cubes reveal the wholeness of number as deriving from the unit cube as corner stone defining side length and “volume” of the whole.

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