Sacred Number Sciences

Oversight of Thornburgh Henge in North Yorkshire in England, UK. [photo: Iain Petrie]

In the late prehistoric, numbers as counted lengths were used
to understand the world of time seen from Earth.

1. Geometries based on these lengths revealed that cosmic time had a simple numerical order.
2. The ancient world inherited these discoveries so that, the size and shape of the Earth came to be viewed as the prototype for all sacred buildings – most completely in the Great Pyramid, Stonehenge and in the ancient world’s only system of metrology (see intro here).
3. A third type of discovery was that the celestial world of the outer planets were and still are harmonically locked into the lunar year, in the primary tone and semitones of just intonation. This third discovery of cosmic harmony was reflected into many ancient narratives, inspired by a musical cosmology related to that of Pythagoras and Plato.

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