• The Moon is Key to our Survival
    With the advent of many orbital missions, the Moon is threatened with orbital and other changes due to space travel.
  • Legominism and the Three Worlds
    Above: Altaic shaman’s drum depicting the cosmos The general ordering of the cosmos throughout history was phenomenological, following the very apparent division between the sky and the earth, with the living principle between called a “middle earth”. A summation of its symbolism was placed within Dante’s trilogy The Divine Comedy; of an inferno, purgatory and … Continue reading “Legominism and the Three Worlds”
  • The Many Faces of Great Time
    Figure 7.5 The widespread tradition of a God who changes the astrological Age, through the Precession of the Equinoxes: Top left, Mithras as Sol Invictus; top right, Mithras slaying the Age of Taurus; bottom left, Aion, God of Ages; and bottom right, Orphic God Phanes. Mithras slaying the Age of Taurus (photo by Tim Prevett … Continue reading “The Many Faces of Great Time”
  • The Tragic Loss of the Geocentric Arts & Sciences
    above: The first page of a significant article I wrote for New Dawn (3000 words, 5 illustrations). The PDF of this issue is available from New Dawn website.
  • Sir Francis Bacon and Codes
    from Digital Codes and Converters, the 1961 Ph.D. Thesis of F.G. Heath at the Victoria University of Manchester. Read optically for a colleague many years ago, it is provided here as interesting; touching upon the authorship of Shakespeare and other Elizabethan texts and poems. It also shows how cryptography then awaited the computer to create … Continue reading “Sir Francis Bacon and Codes”
  • A Yoga drawn from Celestial Metaphor
    The sun of the mind at dawn rises from the grip of not knowing. The sun of the mind at dusk drops into exhausted non-attachment. This “metaphor” was all too real in the India that gave birth to Yoga, since the light of the sun illuminates the objects conceptualized by the mind. Through the illumination … Continue reading “A Yoga drawn from Celestial Metaphor”
  • Evolving Intelligence of the Biosphere:
    An Essay from DuVersity Newsletter 35 – 2014 The Light and Dark, as Value and Fact, could be viewed as reconciled by an evolved mind, within the biosphere. They could indeed be the cause of the arising of proto-minds, since existential situations in the Biosphere are of value for its beings whilst being factual. As … Continue reading “Evolving Intelligence of the Biosphere:”
  • The Cult of Seven Days
    Published in Nexus Magazine in 2004 When understanding the origins of human knowledge, we tend not to look into the everyday aspects of life such as the calendar, our numbering systems and how these could have developed. However, these components of everyday life hold surprising clues to the past. An example is the seven day … Continue reading “The Cult of Seven Days”
  • Death of Zeus in Crete
    written in 2004 How can an immortal god die? Especially Zeus who was not just a god but head of the Olympians, a new breed of gods that had replaced the Titans and their “despotic” ruler, Chronos. A Rome holding to Zeus/Jupiter perhaps rejected the Cretan tradition of the god’s death with the well-broadcast adage … Continue reading “Death of Zeus in Crete”
  • Autonomous Nature of Ancient Numerical Mysteries
    The numerical foundations of the “earth mysteries” were nominally present in the medieval doctrine of the four numerical arts, the Quadrivium of sacred numbers, geometry, musical harmony and astronomy. However, these foundations need to be applied to something real which is: the numerical nature of the world seen from being alive upon it. This application … Continue reading “Autonomous Nature of Ancient Numerical Mysteries”
  • Cosmic Origins of Religion and Death
    written October 2014 and published in DuVersity Magazine In order to think about the cosmic world one has to recognize that it is more than the world of life found on the earth and the living world, or biosphere, is most probably a result of how the cosmic world organised evolution on the earth.
  • Search for Intelligence within the Biosphere
    Published in DuVersity Online Magazine “Views” May 2014 John G. Bennett received a very unusual teaching from G.I. Gurdjieff, his early teacher, and from an early student of these ideas, P.D. Ouspensky, who acted as mentor during Bennett’s early development of the ideas then seen in his Dramatic Universe and other books. The classic form … Continue reading “Search for Intelligence within the Biosphere”