The Three Worlds at Gavrinis

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an article by M Guillaume found in
AAK Etudes et Travaux No. 1, 1977

Do these three stages [at Gavrinis] not correspond to the three creations, probably inherited by Celts, and  those in Egypt, preceding access to a sanctuary?

Fig. 10 Top left: A tracing of the Druid worlds, the circle in the square defining three areas: Abred (circle of necessity) and Annouim and Gwenwed (the white world). Top right:  On the stone Suèvres, these worlds are the figures by concentric squares. Bottom: In Christianity we find the same structure: this rose at Chartres has a fourth inner circle.
Fig. 3 The three segments in the entrance hall of Gavrinis

It is the right side of the hall, facing North, that flows around the solstice axis of the monument, while the left side is more continuous and less sinuous and this again signifies some differentiation between the two side walls.

In the above Chinese banner, the right side ends in the chamber by the sun, while the left side ends with the moon. (See, in the second issue of our newsletter, a more detailed study of Gavrinis and its symbols).

Returning to the three stages at Gavrinis’ hallway (see above), the first part contains stones engraved in a distinctly anthropomorphic way, implying a preparatory step upon entry.

Nested semicircles define the three segments, and this links the two movements sketched out previously. But why are there semicircular forms?

In the bulletin Ia French Prehistoric Society 1975, footnote, p.366 gives a section of M Bailloud on the decoration of vases:

“On nested semicircles: this is where the points of comparison are the most numerous and persuasive, within the slabs of Gavrinis (Corpus Plate 99 132), the dolmen of Petit Mont (Corpus boards 71, 72.80, 81) the dolmen Coude de Pierres Plates (Corpus Plates 88), and Pola de Allende in Asturias (Powell and Daniel 1956, Plate 33). A related pattern exists in Ireland Lough Crew, but this site is two-thirds of circles rather than semi-circles.”

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