Autonomous Nature of Ancient Numerical Mysteries

The numerical foundations of the “earth mysteries” were nominally present in the medieval doctrine of the four numerical arts, the Quadrivium of sacred numbers, geometry, musical harmony and astronomy. However, these foundations need to be applied to something real which is: the numerical nature of the world seen from being alive upon it. This application gives a completely different set of results to modern science where, instead, numbers are being employed for measurements and calculations (using the physical laws discovered after the medieval period came to an end.)

The ancient mysteries treated numbers as having characteristics
seen to be active within the world.

In applying these numerical arts, one comes into contact with mysteries in the form of ancient monuments, art and literary works, these containing the clues required for developing, in oneself, a kind of skill. This skill can mature into being able to recover information in the most unlikely circumstances because something apparently other to oneself is active within you: a developed sense. This I call the autonomous nature of the mysteries, which is essential when going beyond what is simply data in books, monuments, etc. I believe it is mistaken to call such mystery work historical since it is actually happening in the present moment to create something new, whilst appearing to reference data from the past. Historical data provides the necessary starting points for a new work of reconstructing the mysteries within oneself.

I believe J.G. Bennett created a suitable term for this phenomenon, as forming a null vector within Eternity, eternity being a time-like dimension in which patterns (like the solar year and the day) are eternally recurring. Whilst every day has the similar form, we experience each one differently in time and days are separated by each other to become years, centuries and millennia over which only the most fortunate or robust “data” can survive and be read. However, due to the eternal nature of time cycles, they are each connected to eternity, and it is out of eternity that the numerical invariants of the earth mysteries derive, structures found in music, geometry, the number field and time cycles. These invariants are expressed in every aspect of nature, and in the planetary world.

The autonomous nature of the earth mysteries is therefore part of the eternal world and, through rightly studying this, the mysteries become a temporally independent capacity formed from studying the eternal world. One could then call this a path of non-self-development in which you can see eternity, rather than being blind to it. Such a capacity has to be developed but belongs to eternity.

I write this to make it clear: the ancient mysteries can form within the inner world of a human and; the outer forms enable that formation but only if one works with the material. That is,

  • the ancient mysteries only exist where there is work going on to understand them.
  • the mysteries represent an autonomous world that can be internalized.
  • the scope of the ancient mysteries is far greater than that expressed in the surviving artifacts that contain it, whose function now is to initiate new mysteries within the present.