Harmonic Genesis of the Sumerians

The emergence of 2, 3, 5 from ONE then combining as ANU and leading to the differentiation of the World along various paths. The creation proceeds through three prime number dimensions, Ea (as in Earth) through 2, Enki through 3 , Enlil through 5. Anu remains the fountainhead associated with all three and with the Zodiac, which emerged in later Babylonian as a seasonally relevant calendar.

Here I start by publishing an important diagram that shows how the earliest known references to musical tuning (early 4th millennium BC) on clay cuneiform tablets, using “regular numbers” whose factors are products of only the numbers 2, 3 and 5, led to the cosmological vision of their gods, the primary god, Anu, being a balanced mix of all three numbers as 60 but also called ONE. This is the source of their Sexagesimal  or base-60, still employed in measuring angles and time called minutes and seconds. All comes from ONE.

Interfaces with the Bible were subtle, with the introduction of the flood in Genesis brought on by the gods led by Enlil (5 or 50) and the creation of Adam (A.D.M = 1 x 4 x 40) as a letter composite sum in Hebrew of 45 and position notation 1.4.40. The god revealing his full name to Moses (=345) as YHWH ( -) signifying the planetary matrix.

How powers of three and five locate Bible in a setting of relatively small numbers, defining the planetary resonances in least terms whilst transmitting the esoteric secret in number symbolism within a story form. The number two is implicit as the octave below the limiting number allowing a three dimensional presentation through which could inspire scriptural narrative. Picture derived from https://www.harmonicexplorer.org#1440

These numerical details were discovered by Ernest G McClain (The Myth of Invariance, 1976) but then I found planetary resonances pointed to YHWH as encoding a harmonic limit 6 x 5 x 10 x 5 = 777,600,000 or 60 to the power of 5. In contrast, the Sumerians had Inanna who became Ishtar of later Mesopotamian civilisations, who carried forward many of the Sumerian innovations. Ishtar, a fearful goddess was watered-down to become Aphrodite-Venus, and the planet Venus was her ancient planetary identification, the morning and evening star.

In my Harmonic Origins of the World, 2018, I located Venus at the head of the Maya feathered serpent of terrestrial planets and cycles, which the value of 60 to the power of 4 = 129,600,000; a harmonic Limit (based on units 1/80th part of the lunar month) sixty times less than YHWH who perhaps over-ruled Ishtar in the Bible as a limit outside the planetary creation. The lunar year in that arrangement is equal to 60, balancing the position of Venus relative to the range ONE (the cornerstone) to YHWH (the Limit).

This diagram extends Ernest McClains presentation of Plato’s approach to the Path of Anu in tuning theory. The equilateral triangles have ever-increasing powers of 2 (left) 3 (right) and 5 (above).
Picture derived from https://www.harmonicexplorer.org#777600000

Therefore, it is possible to infer the exile of elite Jews in Babylon circa 600 BC caused their writing of Genesis and Exodus to differentiate the Hebrew people and religion from the Ishtar and Marduk worshiping locals, whose astronomy was used for divination based on planetary gods. The path of ANU appears extended to subordinate the planetary world, giving supremecy to their God and simplicity, in Adam, to the religious.