Film of John Michell at Lundy Island

This is a film by me of John Michell before his death. It was made on Lundy Island at which time he was working on some of his last published ideas about the British Isles from the perspective of sacred geometry and metrology, both fields in which John made outstanding contributions including The View Over Atlantis, Dimensions of Paradise and Ancient Metrology. It is published here to enable those who did not to experience the unique presence of John Michell, itself conducive to understanding his work.

originally published Monday, 28 May 2012 at 10:58
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The film is made a little more accessible through adding a few figures from The Measure of Albion (Bluestone Press) by Robin Heath and John Michell, which is where these ideas ended up after some further development and to which one should turn for further information. Now rare, the book was soon re-printed in the US as The Lost Science of Measuring the Earth (Adventures Unlimited).

The talk revolved around Julius Caesar’s fascination with Druidism which caused Caesar to record, in his writings, a triangle by which the druids knew their own islands, within a simple geometrical scheme probably handed down from megalithic times.

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