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My first book interprets the planetary system through pure number. The numbers involved in this interpretation are surprisingly simple and will be accessible to anyone holding a basic arithmetic education. From this approach we have gained substantial new insights into the realm of mythology, religious thought and what have become known as the Traditional Arts. We show that the solar system evolved from pure number and can no longer be thought of as an accident of nature.

It is also no coincidence that this work lies poised between the realm of mathematics and the world before numeracy. In the ancient world, numbers assumed god-like powers that were continually creating the world through stable numerical relationships. The core of this ancient science developed such a view naturally through simple astronomical observations, by counting events and regular movements in the night sky. This science was then artic­ulated as mythological stories, calendars, sacred geometry, musical theory and monumental architecture, such as the Great Pyramid and Stonehenge.

These artefacts, found in all ancient cultures, have remained obscure to the modern world because modern science has become too sophisticated to see the simple celestial relationships which demonstrate that the planetary system, including the Sun and Moon, hold to a particular design.

The concept of design implies a divinity manifesting a creation. The pri­mary criticism made of pre-scientific thought was its invention of gods as an emotional or superstitious projection onto a misunderstood and uncertain universe. Once these ‘gods’ are understood as a codification of the apparent design rules of an intentional universe, these criticisms become unfounded.

Religious faiths have continued to maintain the belief in a divine creation, on the basis of faith rather than proof. Modern science, from the 17th century, demonstrated a consistent model of the world based on material forces that could be proved to exist. This paradox is responsible for the modern materialism.

If ancient man did prove that the creation was divine using a numerical model, then prehistoric thought would not have been based on faith or super­stition, but would have been a science that naturally included the divine. Such a proof has been lost, leaving the products of ancient cultures as grandiose fantasies, with no apparent application or relevance to the modern world.

The Matrix of Creation equips the reader to enter the simpler view held by our ancestors, and re-evaluate humanity’s role in an evolutionary system generated through number.

The word matrix means an “environment in which something has its ori­gin, takes form or is enclosed”. In mathematics, a matrix is also an array of numerical relations between component elements. We have therefore appro­priated the word to describe the numerical creative context for the universe. Integer numbers are whole numbers that relate to other whole numbers according to the laws of division, multiplication, addition, etc. These relation­ships and functions predate the physical universe.

The actual door into the Matrix opened in September 2000, towards the end of the Jupiter-Saturn conjunction which took place in the summer of that year. This marked the end of nearly nine years during which the author, with his brother, had been developing the required tools and collecting material that allowed for quite rapid progress to the conclusions presented here.

This Matrix of Creation emerged as a factual basis for a spiritual cosmology, a timeless phenomenon. It comes to the aid of a beleaguered and discredited reli­gious belief in a God that made the world in seven days, or that God played no part in creation, by recovering an ancient and more intelligent revelation that the world we inhabit was created out of number using the planetary system. In this way God becomes celestial motion conveying spiritual virtue through pro­portions that are always numerical, expressed through physical forms.

The apparent absence of written records, either through their widespread destruction or because of an oral tradition, has given archaeologists free rein to develop a set of their own speculations based on the physical remains of cultures. Modern explanations of past cultures invoke unknown rituals because these are seen as superstitious and pre-scientific. However, the legacy of monuments, so conspicuous in ancient high cultures, is full of numerical and astronomical knowledge which our scientific elites have ignored, being unable to fathom them while ironically searching for intelligence and new planets light years away in outer space, which may support intelligent civilisations.

To continue the ancient work requires a rediscovery of archaic procedures that were largely numerical. Number science was inherited from the ancient world through the Greek culture and its interactions during the Empire of Alexander the Great that stretched from India to Western Europe. Units of mea­sure such as the Imperial yard, foot and inch are ancient too. The ubiquitous seven day week came from Babylon, and calendars are a venerable form of human knowledge relating as they do to the generation of time through the planetary world.

It is the planets and their continuing interaction in the sky that is the origin of the ancient concept of number, from counting right up to concepts of time as planetary configurations. Though planets generate numbers, they do so different­ly to collections of objects on Earth. I can add a brick to a line of bricks and there is just one more. Planets divide up the whole sky and each other’s motion to create an intensive measure, numbers formed by dividing up a whole.

The Sky is the fundamental Whole where everything happens and these hap­penings are numerical and calendrical. Though the mathematics that applies to the celestial world is simple, it has a subtlety that can achieve a great deal by simple means. And this simple mathematics is the foundation on which mod­ern science was constructed, – we have simply and quite naturally built on top of ancient knowledge. This new building, for measuring and controlling the physical world, is not however holistic. There were reasons why it was built the way it was, and myth tells how the old ways lost their power. We are told repeatedly, and from many ancient cultures, that the ancient world suffered a sustained deluge that left only its barest foundations and some worldwide rumours of what had stood there before. These ancient practices can be recovered by attuning our minds to the extraordinary.

Our Earth has life but what is life? It is more than organised matter. It is the high­est field of structured information in the Universe and one must ask, what is it about life’s position in the universe that causes this information to arise and even to have thoughts, written language and generate more information?

Human existence sits inside a creation, and the Planetary Matrix is its “smoking gun”. The gun points to Earth and its biosphere. Life is possible on Earth because of the Sun, the Moon and other planets; i.e. it is possible because of the sky. This Matrix was the Holy Grail of an ancient science, a science that through observation of the skies revealed an order that set the human mind in motion along its recent evolutionary path.

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One – Cutting Up the Sky
Two – Entering the Synodic World
Three – Jupiter and Earth’s Moon
Four – As It Is in Heaven
Five – Making the Golden Throne
Six – A Net to Catch Lovers
Seven – The Measure of Earth
Eight – The God of Number
Nine – The Heart of the Whirled
Postscript to the Second Edition

Appendix Physical Constants