Walking on the Moon

There are plans to walk again on the moon (above is a NASA visualization), but there is a sense in which the surface of the moon belongs to the surface of the earth, since the earth’s circumference is 4 times the mean diameter of the earth, minus the moon’s circumference.

The Earth and Moon were formed out of an early collision which left the two bodies in an unusual relationship to one another, in more ways than one. Here we discuss the diameter (and circumference) of each body as a sphere as being in the ratio 11 to 3. The diameter of the Moon is 2160 miles so that the common unit is 720 miles (the harmonic constant) and the diameter of the spherical mean earth would be 7920 miles.

The diameter of a circle has a circumference proportional to pi. If one adds the two diameters, their combined perimeters will be 14 times pi, and using pi as 22/7 leads to a combined circumference of 44 x 720 which equals 31680 miles.

This is exactly the cosmological version of the equal perimeter geometry in which a diameter of 11 has an out-square of perimeter 44. The challenge is to create a circle of equal perimeter and adding 3 (the Moon) to 11 (the Earth) gives the diameter 14 which, times 22/7, equals 44.

By adding half the moon diameter or 3/2 of it, either side of the 11 diameter, one comes to John Michell’s embellishment of the equal perimeter model in which the combined perimeter of the Earth and Moon is duplicated as 4 times the Earth diameter (a square) and a circle of radius 7, both being 44 units in length. The megalith builders appear to have understood both the geometry and its relationship to the earth and moon,

From my Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels. The Stonehenge plan is from John Michell’s The Dimensions of Paradise.

By scaling up this equal perimeter arrangement of the Earth as 11 and Moon as 3, by the harmonic constant (for Just intonation using modal scales), one not only arrives at a profoundly accurate model of the two bodies, in miles of 5280 feet, but one also finds a guiding basis for the design of the two bodies as a single composite body since, their ratio of 11 to 3 guaranteed that the two bodies would represent pi, in its simplest approximation of 22/7.

John Michell’s Cosmological Prototype. This diagram is from my Sacred Number and the Lords of Time