Musing Mystical Review: Language of the Angels

I came across a very good review of my book Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels in which the reviewer found the experience of reading over a month. She also told me how I might improve my handling of numbers. Many thanks for that since I will soon be entering the production phase of a further book out late 23, early 24.

Reading this book has made me grapple with concepts such as the influence of planets on human events, the true nature of the universe, and the magnificent, though forgotten, geometry behind sacred sites. I will admit it took me well over a month to make my way through this book, and oftentimes I had to reread a section multiple times, wondering if I was truly comprehending it. However, it has been a worthwhile pursuit that I’m happy to have made my way through.

Alanna Kali is an astrologer, numerologist, and pioneer spirit that loves to explore life through the lens of depth psychology.

Alanna also reviewed the previous book here,

Overall, The Harmonic Origins of the World is an absolutely fascinating book. It is complex, but the daunting amount of information serves as a call to rethink the evolution of consciousness. I recommend this book for anyone looking to expand on their knowledge on how planets affect the world, how math tells its own story of creation, or for anyone who wants to consider the ancient understanding of consciousness viewed through time. The depth of information provided by Heath will be sure to satisfy the curious mind.