The Moon is Key to our Survival

With the advent of many orbital missions, the Moon is threatened with orbital and other changes due to space travel.

The modern theory of relativity has joined the worlds of space and time, now called spacetime. As beings we live in space while moving through time, and both these are assumed to be neutral dimensions having mere extension. However, spacetime is distorted by the massive gravitational objects found in solar systems, these exerting an attractive force on all objects including ourselves. As humans, we are therefore locked onto the surface of the earth by gravity, viewing a solar system of eight orbiting planets seen in the sky from the surface of the third planet from the sun. The earth has an unusually large moon which has fallen into resonance with the planets, a resonance then belonging to time.

The Moon was formed 4 to 5 billion years ago and this affected the Earth’s geology, stabilized its tilt (giving stability to the seasons) and providing tidal reaches on coasts. But apart from such direct physical changes to the earth, the moon has now developed resonances with the solar system, especially its outer giant planets, and this has given time on earth a highly specific resonant environment, based upon the lunar month and year of 12 lunar months. This resonant network appears to be numerical when counting days, months and years, in between significant events in the sky.

The structure of time is numerical because of these resonances between the moon, the sun and the planets. This resonance came to be known by previous civilizations and was thought meaningful in explaining how the world was created. Time was deemed spiritual because its organisation allowed human beings to understand the purpose of life and of the earth through the structure of time. In particular, the moon was a key to unlocking the time world as a link to a higher or spiritual world, a literal sky heaven organised according to numbers.

The significance of numbers to the creation, and the purpose of the world we live in, allows us to understand why Gurdjieff defined a mesoteric (middle) stage of human development as where “one could calculate anything” whilst, at the esoteric stage, one could see the truth directly. Having studied the structure of time I am drawn to conclude that, as things stand, humanity is about to destroy the time world based upon the Moon, established to give humans knowledge of the higher worlds.

This destruction of our moon will come through a restless desire to conquer space and, inevitably, disturb the orbit of the moon and its resonance with the planetary system and our own planet. This somewhat reckless journey began in the 16th century when the earth centred cosmology was discarded for a solar centred picture as being more factually true. Science was then developed to conquer the physics and chemistry of the universe in which the earth was a tiny and insignificant part. Religious systems were reframed as arbitrary works of imagination because they were rooted in the earth centred cosmology of time that was no longer understood. After the Renaissance and Reformation, the Enlightenment brought in a humanistic view in which there were no spiritual worlds but had just been concocted in the absence of science.

For this reason, the moon is now an object that can be used as a convenient stepping stone for the exploitation of the planets. There are plans to mine the moon, expel its dust to shade the earth, allow used spacecraft to crash upon its surface and to develop or assert property rights and national sovereignties. This will inevitably interfere with its orbit – in ignorance of the moon’s significant resonances, which synchronize humanity to the spiritual world, within time. The significance of time is felt through synchronicity and resonance. Like a clock, there are events where things are possible through being in the right place at the right time, as when the hands of a watch point to numbers that correspond to a real event. Cosmic time is then not a set of random events because, in time, every part is connected to the greater reality. The massive objects of the planetary system, as a Whole, order events upon the earth as “similarities to the already arisen”: this Gurdjieff’s affirmation, that it was the large Moon that enabled Life to evolve upon the surface of the planet and for human beings to evolve beyond it, without space travel.

Numbers and Mathematical Constants also pervades the Earth environment as space.
pi as 22/7 seems to have been a key to the relative sizes of the earth and moon as being 11:3. This is the basis of equal perimeter model, of square and outer circle, used widely within sacred spaces such as the Pantheon, Hagia Sophia, Sanchi, Great Pyramid, Westminster Abbey coronation pavement, the Kaaba and Dome of the Rock, St Peter’s basilica, Angkor Wat, Orthodox basilicas,
as illustrated in my latest books: Sacred Geometry: Language of the Angels and (just released) Sacred Geometry in Ancient Goddess Cultures.