Harmony of the Biblical Patriarchs

This extract from The Harmonic Origins of the World (p58-62) shows how what are taken to be arbitrary numbers, in the narrative of the Patriarchs, expressed knowledge of planetary resonances.

above: Diagram of the Bible code of “holy mountains”: Products of the powers of five upwards and of the powers of three across, each mountain within a limiting number if note D is {60, 120, 45, 180, 720} .

Female archetype Eve, “mother of all living,” becomes Abram’s wife Sarai. Childless, Abram was encouraged (by Sarai) to have first son Ishmael by concubine Hagar, but the Lord God (the mountain god whose number sums to 345) renames Sarai as Sarah and Abram as Abraham. At a miraculous 90 years of age she gives birth to Isaac (“he laughs”), then reportedly dies at 180 years old. It is harmonically relevant that (a) the giving of heh = 5 to both Sarah and Abraham elevates them from their former selves onto the second row, “stepping up” like the god Ea in Sumeria, and that (b) Adam’s number 45 has now been doubled to 90 and can form an octaval womb in which Isaac can be born, his life to then end at the doubling of Sarah’s 90 years to 180 years.

In chapter 1, Isaac’s limit of 180 was shown useful, numerically embracing the lunar year and the Jupiter and Saturn synods as 120, 135, and 128, respectively, in units one-tenth of a lunar month. It is also interesting that it is Abram who first follows the god El Shaddai (= 345), while the gematria of ABRAM sums to 35 = 243 (three to the fifth power), a harmonic root leading to the later revelation (to Moses) of El Shaddai as YHWH, by five powers of prime 5 that then match Abram’s five powers of prime 3, in fact YHWH = = 105 x 65 = 777, 600,000 as Moses (777) leading the children of Israel (600,000) out of enslavement.

It is Isaac’s grandson Joseph who came to express the lowest patriarchal limit of 125 required to express the lower heavenly patrix1 (patriarchal matrix of odd prime products) of the synods of Saturn (1), the moon (15), Adam (45), Uranus (125),2 and Jupiter (135) then conflated with his twelve great grandsons. This implies that the core of the story of the patriarchs was informed by the need to preserve astro-harmonic knowledge.

  1. nomenclature of Pete Dello.
  2. Third outer planet, Uranus, only appears properly on the mountain for 1,440 where the planet becomes 1,000 matrix units.

Figure 2 The harmonic framework naturally formed two identical substructures then called (a) earth, where Adam lives at the heart of synodic relationships of the outer planets to the lunar year, the transpersonal reality called existence, and (b) heaven, where inner planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars and lunar eclipses are structurally inharmonious to the earth, being raised above
by a minor diesis of 125:128 (just less than an octave).
from chapter 9 fig.3 of Harmonic Origins…

Jacob, son of Isaac, accelerates rapidly onward with a further doubling to 360 (the schematic year observed in Egypt and Mexico perhaps, but not), and then as Israel, the 720 “days and nights” found in many traditions, always searching for the potential twelfth-note tritone chromatism locked up but available as the
unsymmetrical cornerstone of the matrix*.

*The musical tritone translates, in the limit 4 x 720 = 2880 into the astronomical phenomenon of the eclipse – taken forward by the Mesoamerican Olmec, who received the same doctrine at their inception in 1500-1200 BC, witness by El Reina (El Rey) bas relief in Chalcatzingo (see pages 170 to 175).

Figure 2 When one sees, as Ernest McClain did, that the cross products of prime numbers 3 and 5 enable us to “read” the numerical code used to animate the patriarchal narrative of Genesis, then the eleventh male “child” of Joseph equals 125 and its doublings within a mountain-shaped harmonic matrix centered on Adam = A.D.M = 1 + 4 +40 = 45

After wrestling with the angel of the Lord, Jacob is renamed Israel who sees a ladder (somewhat like a mountain) with angels traveling upward and downward. Israel has twelve boy children and one girl, Dinah. McClain realized the eleventh male child Joseph “was” the eleventh harmonic root in order of size, (where harmonic roots are 3n x 5m, see figure 2 [3.4]) but then for the holy mountain octave limit 720, where Joseph is 500 matrix units. The twelfth male Benjamin is the location of Jupiter’s 540 matrix units in a perfect symbolism of twelve, with the patrix 135 present since Isaac’s lesser limit of 180.

Joseph, had been betrayed by his brothers and sold to slavery in Egypt. But his insight enables him to interpret an important Pharaonic dream, foretelling a seven-year famine following on from an equally long glut. He is appointed vizier in charge of Egypt’s grain stores to prevent the later starvation. This eventually brings his brothers to look for food and meet the vizier and be astounded to see he is their lost brother, whereupon Jacob’s family resettles in Egypt.

Joseph’s true nature unlocks the patriarchal matrix with Adam’s number of 1440, at which limit Joseph becomes 1000, entering a new upper heaven where ratios are decimal because he, as planet Uranus, known or unknown, is the origin of the astro-harmonic matrix units that are the Uranus synod divided by 1,000, that is 369.66/1000 = 0.3697 days; this unit also 1/80 of a lunar orbit.3

3 One unit more (81) being 30 rotations of the Earth, located on the mountain at the harmonic root Abram = 243 expanded x 4 to 972 in the mountain for 1440.

Thus Adam’s top range, as a limit, is an ideal one for viewing the planetary matrix and this can only have been conceived of, by the writers of the early Bible, through knowing of the planetary matrix. This then conditions the meaning of the Bible as an outwardly religious codex using harmonic numbers to preserve ancient astronomical knowledge of the Moon and planets known via Chaldea, where Abraham came from, via Jacob’s vision, via Egypt as in Moses receiving priestly knowledge, … or all of these!

Readers of my new book Sacred Geometry in Ancient Goddess Cultures can also find more on this in chapter 5, page 131 to 136 whilst my main text is The Harmonic Origins or the World from which this was extracted and enhanced.